1. Task-specific Ionic Liquids, Poly(ionic liquid)s and Their Colloids, Composites

Poly(ionic liquid)s, refer to a subclass of polyelectrolytes that feature an ionic liquid species in each monomer repeating unit, connected through a polymeric backbone to form a macromolecular architecture. In this project, we are active in designing and preparation of task-specific ionic liquids, poly(ionic liquid)s and their colloids, composites, and exploring their applications in sensor, optoelectronic, separation, biomedicine, energy convesion and so forth.


2. Poly(ionic liquid) Porous Membranes-based Functional Materials

Multifunctional poly(ionic liquid) porous membranes will be designed and developed. The properties of them can be optimized by regulation of PIL structures and pore architectures. These membranes are promising for applications in separation, coating, optoelectronics, electrodialysis, energy storage/conversion devices and so forth.


3.  Fuel Cells and Flow Batteries

On the basis of 13 years of poly(ionic liquid) materials studies, we have solid basic knowledges and enormous interests in development of key materials and manufacturing techniques of fuel cells and flow batteries for their real-life applications.